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Our barbecue is cooked fresh each day and our sides are made from scratch, which means sometimes we run out! One bite of that succulent, juicy pulled pork or succulent beef brisket and you’ll understand we stick to our family’s traditional recipes. So whether your from Portland or from the other side of the Mississippi, we’re sure our food will remind you of home.


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  • Beef Spare Ribs — over-the-top indulgence and massively satisfying
  • Beef Brisket succulent with lushly marbled prime-grade beef
  • Pork Spare Ribs — our classic and most popular BBQ is smoked to perfection. All day. Everyday.
  • Baby Back Ribs — equally famous to its brother “the Spare” These babies comes from a smaller pig and has a shorter bone but packs a big juicy kick.
  • Pork Rib Tips — diced up meaty barbecued bite sizes you can share.
  • Pork Roast — all the smoked porky goodness without the bone in
  • Boneless Chicken — smooth, smoky barbecued chicken
  • Chicken Salad — our smooth, smoky barbecued chicken over crisp green Salad
  • Fried Chicken Wings
  • Smothered Chicken
  • Fried Catfish — battered Catfish is the seafood king of the south
  • Chiterlings ”Chitlins” — saucy and unforgettable down home in every way.
  • Pigs Feet — With deep African American roots nothing says Soul Food like these savory hoofs
  • Oxtails Over Rice (small & large) — a “country delicacy” we won’t judge you for sucking on the bones


Select any 2 sides with your meat plate.
Additional sides come in 8oz (1 serving) , 16oz ( 2 -3 servings) or 32oz. (4 -5 Servings)

  • Cornbread — baked fresh served warm our cornbread looks heavenly with a dollop of butter and a squirt of honey.
  • Coleslaw — made with shredded cabbage the slaw’s recipe is such a closely guarded secret only one person makes it and Myra’s not sharing the secret to her sweet sauce with anyone!
  • French Fries — Thin. Golden. Crispy. Always.
  • Green Salad — fresh made lettuce,tomatoes, cucumber and more.
  • BBQ Beans — sweet and smoky
  • Collard Mustard Greens — a true blue southern dish our greens will take you back.
  • Hush Puppies — Reo’s family recipe, cornbread seasoned, crunchy and made from scratch.
  • Mac & Cheese — a perfectly cheezy classic goodness made by Reo!
  • Fried Okra — light crispy, and full of flavor. Never has a veggie been so finger lickin good!
  • Potato Salad — served chilled, plump dollop of mustardy creamy summer BBQ favorite makes the perfect side to our ribs.
  • Red Beans & Rice — hot and comforting
  • Yams — sweet & delicious
  • Reo's Skillet Corn


Made in house our culinary team loves to bake up something sweet. Our treats are so good they never last long! Satisfy your sweet tooth with our SWEET THANG menu!

  • Banana Pudding — Reo’s gooey Banana Puddin’ with perfectly ripe bananas topped with Old fashioned Nilla wafers
  • Brownies — our chewy chocolatey sweet baked brownies.
  • Peach Cobbler — Reos’s sweet as a Georgia peach cobbler, baked with a golden crust and warmed to perfection
  • Sweet Potato Pie — Reo’s Sweet Potato pie will take you bac
  • Pound Cake — a rotating cast of Vanilla, Lemon, Chocolate goodness
  • Specialty Cakes & Pie — sometimes German Chocolate, sometimes Rum Cake, and ohhh we love that Pecan Pie. Always here for a limited time.


We have the perfect budget friendly specials to satisfy your 'cue craving!
Each of our combos come with a Fountain drink and your choice of Fries or Coleslaw

Choose from:
Pulled Pork
BBQ Chicken
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Mississippi Sausage
Corn Dogs
Beef Brisket Sandwich ($12)

Menu and menu items are always subject to change without notice.

Smoked Ribs